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MEMBERSHIPS – we do not have a paid membership fee nor an approval fee.
We have a $1/per run fee required from shows that approve with us.
100% of this money is paidback at our finals in the Bonus Race.
We do not take out 1 cent for administration.

Since we have no membership revenue we rely on sponsors for our awards program as such awards will be announced closer to finals entry time.

We also DO NOT mail ANYTHING.
100% of all correspondence and entries are made through the website.

2017 $10,000 OPEN JACKPOT – OPEN 5D ½ SEC SPLIT.

This race is open to anyone. This is one race over 4 days with ONE payout at the end of all session on Sunday. A horse can run 2x max in this race. If a horse runs 2x they can win up to 2 checks in this race. This race runs in the MPA (smaller) arena and runs Thursday-Sunday.
Entry fee is $45 per run.
You can choose which sessions you wish to enter.
There is a max # of entries taken in each session (tba) and once filled those sessions close.
Qualifier ids are given for 1st-5th place to be used on site in the BONUS RACE for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday sessions. Sunday sessions will be given qualifiers for the following year's finals.


This race is open to anyone who has won a qualifier id in the 2016 year (or anyone who qualifies on site from the open jackpot in the Thursday, Friday or Saturday sessions). A horse may only run 2x max in this race. To make entry you MUST have a UNIQUE qualifier id# for every entry you make in this race.

Id #'s are RIDER specific and are NOT transferable to any other rider for ANY reason.
Added money from this race is based off of the $1/run paid in from qualifier events held in the previous year. This is ONE race over FOUR days with ONE payout after the final session on SUNDAY.

Awards are given for 1st-10th place in each division.
Awards will NOT be mailed and MUST be picked up at the show.


The Bonus Race Finals Scholarship Fund is open to ANY contestant who has completed high school but not yet reached their 22 birthday and is pursuing continuing education. Scholarship fundraisers will be held at the finals including a silent auction.
Details TBA close BR World Finals entry deadline.

the amazing race


The Amazing race details coming soon! Back by popular demand get your entries ready early this year. Entries will be limited ! We will again be giving 2 saddles plus payback.
Fun you won't want to miss!








For Vendor/Sponsor Information Call Renea Bolling 918-617-0660 ~ Email:


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